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r e g i n a:


▒ ▌ ♚… »

            What a god damn relief. ——- Shit, Regina’s heart 
            was pounding from the nerves. Her lips parted, a 
            short gasp escaping them as fingers trailed against
            her cheeks. Her life was now bound to Bedelia. The 
            blonde had become her everything and it was so 
            daunting. It made her ever so vulnerable. 

                          “——- Oh.” 

            A brief response, one that proves that she realises her 
            mistake. She feels foolish. Foolish and pleased.Pleased
            that her emotions aren’t one-sided. 

                          “I would want nothing more than to make 
                          this official.” 

█ ▌ {✖} » The relief was almost visible as it rolled off Regina at Bedelias words- something that caused a small twinge of guilt to touch at the womans heart, but it began to dissipate when she moved the hand that had been cupping the others cheek to now tangle long digits within dark hair- more of an anchor to the present, to remind her of what she now had to lose. She had someone worth fighting for, someone who made living worthwhile… Who would have thought it. It had never occurred to her that one day she would have someone who so easily held her heart, someone who allowed her to feel the love she had always longed for- she would be damned if she let anything take this woman from her.

                  ❝———I love you, Regina. & as much
                                  as that terrifies me, it is something
                                  I never want to forget.❞

She had raised her head as she spoke, moving just that little bit closer so that on that last word, her lips had been mere inches from the other womans. A smile touches at her features then, a slow, soft exhale bringing her to capture Reginas lips with her own; tenderness radiated through her movements, in the way she swept her tongue across the others lower lip- she was Reginas, for as long as the woman wanted her.

j o a n n a:


             ”I’m not ANGRY,” she retorted, “…just worried. 

                                —————ok and maybe a little angry.” 

            “But not at Freya,” she clarified quickly. “She has a
             right to be upset with me and I don’t blame her,
             though it still h u r t s.” 

                           ”I want to give her time to come around, but
                            unfortunately, Doctor, time is not something
                            we have. I can’t go into details, but right now
                            my family needs to be stronger than ever, not
                                   ——————D I V I D E D.———————-“ 

█ ▌ {✖} » Bedelia let out a sigh, nodding slowly at the others words. While she was somewhat frustrated that she was unable to glean a decent picture of the situation, she was not about to push Joanna, so she simply let her speak, let her get it all out (well as much as she wanted to). But when it came to replying, Bedelia could not help the small twitch of her lips.

                            ❝———If you do not have the luxury of waiting
                                            for her to come to you, then I suppose
                                            all you can really do is go to her, and
                                            hope that she will listen to what you have
                                            to say.

                                               Are you sure you cannot tell me,
                                               Miss Beauchamp ? Perhaps it
                                               would help come up with a better
                                               solution to the problem of having
                                               your daughter see your reasoning.

    It is a tricky thing, but regardless of what
    other factors are within your life, I am sure
     you will succeed in mending your relationship with Freya.❞


r e g i n a:


▒ ▌ ♚… »

      I’d much rather  you ignored the wine, my love. 
         Hold it off for now, hm? ——- You can have a 
         well deserved drink once we’ve finished.

                     Eyes were filled with lust, hazel iris’ gleaming with 
                     complete D E S I R E. Wanting something could be
                     dangerous &Regina hoped to god that she would 
                     always succeed in getting what she wanted. 

                                   It was always safer , that way. 

         She rose from her chair, standing tall above her lover, back 
         straight, posture neat. Her orbs remained fixated on Bedelia, 
         a hand coming to life towards the buttons on her blouse, loosening
         the top one in order to reveal her perfect olive flesh. 

               If Bedelia wanted more, Regina would give her that. 
               she would make it her aim to make it good. 

                           Keep your eyes fixed on me, okay? 
                           ——- Have you ever had a lap dance?

█ ▌ {✖} » A huff escapes her as Regina stands, but it turns into a slow moan when the woman speaks and begins to unbutton that damn blouse. It is all she can do to remain in place, every nerve in her screaming to touch the woman, to draw her back down onto her lap. But no, she allows Regina to continue- though it is killing her to do so. Tilting her head back against the chair for a moment, she swallows harshly, a small shake indicating her answer that, no, she has never had a lap dance before- everything she had with Regina Mills was completely new, it was territory she had never tread before, but there was no way in hell she would be turning back any time soon.

                   ❝———That will not be a problem, Regina.
                                   Though I do hope you do not expect
                                   me to keep my hands to myself,

                                           because I can assure you, I will
                                            be unable to do such a thing.❞

Looking back to the woman, Bedelia feel as though someone has punched her in gut- how did she get lucky enough to deserve such a person in her life? She had always felt herself to be someone who would live alone for the rest of her days, to never find that singular person who makes getting up in the morning worthwhile; but then Regina walked into her life, and Bedelia had never looked back once.



Okay well, I’m almost all moved out. Spending the night at the new place, and tomorrow I’m cancelling my internet. My new modem doesn’t come for another 4-6 days, so I will be limited to mobile for about a week. Queue is running, miss you all already.

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h a n n i b a l:

He listened to her carefully as he stirred his tea until he was satisfied with it’s appearance. He did not take any milk in his tea, he found it to dilute the taste. He needed to feel the citrus notes, and they would not be obscured by any dairy. He blew on the tea for a few moments before inhaling the aroma deeply. A few more moments and he would be able to take a sip, that first, almost hesitant sip, eyes closing in order to allow full focus on the flavour.

"All in good time Bedelia. We cannot compromise our safety with desires to view the predictable sights." He replied in an almost pleasant manner, however she would know that this was a friendly warning to her, do not push the matter further.

He took that first sip now, after she had asked him if he was enjoying his time in Paris. There was much that could be said in answer to that question, but little that it was necessary for he to know. The tea slipped into his mouth, the liquid arm but full of flavour, transporting him to a grove filled with citrus plants, the sunshine warm against his skin, a gentle breeze whispering through the leaves.

"It has been a long time since I was last in Paris, yet the streets, although changed, still seem familiar." He told her, fingers warmed by the tea in his cup.

█ ▌ {✖} » Ah, she had expected that answer, of course. Bedelia was well aware of how dangerous it would be for them to step out and into the public eye- still, that thought did not quell the longing within her to explore the beautiful city they had found themselves residing in. But as he said, all in good time- she simply needed to be patient. There had been an edge to his voice that had touched at the corners of the words when they fell from his lips, allowing her that small insight- noticing the hidden threat that crouched there like an animal readying to pounce. So she let the topic drop with a small nod of her head, followed by a sip of tea.

                               ❝———Of course, I am
                                               well aware of that.❞

The words were spoken around the rim of her mug, a slight bite hinting at her own words- but she highly doubted he would notice, or care for that matter. She had always longed to ask him of his time in Paris, though she knew that it was not her place- Hannibal was careful when it came to his past, only letting her know what he felt she ought to, what he felt she deserved to. A lot of spots were blank for her, though she was swiftly coming to the realization that it would remain as such for the duration of their complicated relationship. All her own secrets had been laid bare before them, while his remained carefully guarded- now, that was not fair in the slightest. Though there was not a single thing she could do about it.

                           ❝———How do you feel about being back ?
                                           You never spoke to me of Paris in our
                                           sessions, but I feel as though your time
                                           here must have been pleasurable in some
                                           ways, to draw you back in a time such as this.❞


█ ▌ {✖} »
                    ❝———It is not everyday one receives a
                                    visit from the Mayor of Storybrooke-
                                    what can I do for you, Miss Mills ?

Slender brows arch as she finishes speaking, hands clasping atop her desk while crimson painted lips pull into a tight frown. Upon moving to Storybrooke, the only person Bedelia had managed to have a true conversation with was Archie Hopper- of course, this was only due to their shared interest in psychiatry. Regina was not one who Bedelia had thought to ever meet- but, there was a first time for everything, wasn’t there ?


Okay well, I’m almost all moved out. Spending the night at the new place, and tomorrow I’m cancelling my internet. My new modem doesn’t come for another 4-6 days, so I will be limited to mobile for about a week. Queue is running, miss you all already.

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h a n n i b a l:

Hannibal knows she will come to him; despite the way
Bedelia pulls away from him, acts as if she could not
care less, he knows—- she longs to be his favorite. She
loves being his good girl, of course she does. Bedelia
is a very special case, it had taken years to break down
the barrier of her psychological needs— and her wanton
wants. Hannibal slowly runs the hots of his palms up
her thighs, pulling the skirt of the nylon as he went. Oh,
how he loved the feel of the nylons.

                   ❝     You have been very
                          quiet lately, mon petit
                          amor. Is there something
                          you are afraid to ask for?


█ ▌ {✖} » Bedelia was not a woman ruled by carnal desires, but with Hannibal it could be difficult for her to remember this fact. The drop in his voice, the feeling of his hands when he put them on her… it all destroyed any resolve she had made in regards to him. While she knew she was, in some ways, a special case for him, that did not stop the fear that one day he could grow bored with her- she refused to allow such a thing to happen.

His palms sliding up her thighs caused a shiver to rush down her spine, causing her to roll her hips just slightly into him. Hands came to rest upon his abdomen- nails curling into his shirt enough to convey exactly what it was she was craving from him in that moment.

                       ❝———You know what I want, Hannibal.

                                                              I came when you asked,
                                                              now what is your plan ?